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Love lies

♥ Sunday, November 29, 2009
Tracy is not well

At last, Tracy could hardly walk and stand now.
When will she recover?
Why she deserve it?

How is she going to face the drama queen next week?

This is what I got at last. But no one in this house care bout it.
Non of their business.

Ha ha

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♥ Thursday, November 26, 2009


By Leona Lewis. =]

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♥ Wednesday, November 25, 2009
Title is not Important.

This is my first post during holiday.

For your information, my computer wasn't out of order.It's fine.
Wireless in my house wasnn't being cut off too.It works well.
Today is Hari Haji, Dms is Closed ! So it's real bored today.

I was just Lazy to open my computer and my mind is currently in Mamma mia and DMS.
I went to studio everyday and at least a few hrs everytime.
Because, my theory exam is on this Saturday,28th of November.
God bless me~
I'm totally scare and in a kinda not ready situation now. In.fact,I'm really unready. -.-
Even if I only got a PASS. I'll be real glad and surprise.
Secondly. of course it is because of the musical.
Is there anyone would like to buy a ticket for this dinner show?
...... ......

Hmm...contact me if you would like to buy a ticket,,,of maybe a table.haha.Thanks~

Fortunately I'd open my computer to check out something.
For facebook,those ugly pictures that everyone keep telling me I finally saw it today.
Wow ! Real ugly and made me dumb founded.When did my funny poses and faces being captured?haha
How can they knew I won't open my computer and yet they were still tagged me.
Anyway, HAHAHA , I'd laughed for a long time.
A big thanks you to Lee Voon Wooi for the entertainment. You will get my revenge soon!!

Bout my MSN, another unsolved case. It's still having problem.
And why?I just dunno. [lyrics from a song]
I'm lazy to find out too.Never mind la. Don't chat lo! HNG

Things are changing.One's life will be perfect if he got a great family.Not mean great,just complete.
I wish I were you.You are so lucky. I am sad cause I didn't get that for my whole life.

A lot of things that I'd missed out, I'm trying to catch up.

Hopefully everyone won't foeget bout me.
Especially all my best friends and of course 3p7!

I miss Ding Zu Huei so much!I miss Chang min's cold joke that can freeze us.I miss Wai Leng angel.I miss Little wild cat.I miss Sin Loo's walking posture.I miss to fight our childish-ness with Cheryl Chia. I miss Mehhh~ with Emilia.I miss going toilet with Ruby.HAHA. I miss How Mei Ai's laughter and all her question that didn't make sense.I miss Janice's conduct poses.I miss Xyuen Eng's nose.-.- I miss Yan Yee who constantly be sitting in front of me in every exam.I miss Lee Voon Wooi's FACE and all her action!I miss Jia Ying and Zhi Rou who always tuition with me.I miss Lalat's noise.I miss Jie Qian and JoErn,once I turn my head,I'll saw them chit-chatting in class.I miss Ee Jin's novel.I miss Wai Yee's 不要酱自私啦!and her best friend Christina.I miss Choo Moo Moo and Tung Simpson.I miss Ming Fei's crazy-ness on RyeoWook and dancing Sj's songs with them.I miss The Screamer who is sreaming around with a high frequency,Jacob will marry you.I miss Pink Fish and every funny sentences you said to Mei Ai.HAHA. I miss Vivian Wong's passionate in Smi and wish you don't get hurt anymore. I miss Yan Ying,we know who she likes the most.I miss Sow Jia Yee,she's cute and she will do anything for YeSung.I miss Lizard Yap's EVERYWORD THAT SHE SAID,I'll improve,Thanks,I miss the chocolate you'd belanja.I miss Yaw Yi Jing's joke and all her entertainment.,she will help my for the revenge on buffalo.


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♥ Monday, October 19, 2009
Today is Tuesday.

I was absent for school yesterday.

I present today.

And now I'm in school's computer lab. All of us are helping the teacher. So we're playing facebook.

Totally bored today.

I want to run away.

Lastly, UNO is real fun. xD
No matter what happened during the game, everyone will just keep on laughing.
I love to play it with my friends. =]
Especially CHANG MIN.
But Teh Jun Yi must cut her finger nails first,and be more Alert, because 'You Know You Love Me'.



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♥ Tuesday, October 13, 2009
Over !

Yea.. PMR is over!!

Thanks to all my friends who helped me. =]
Love all of you.
(How me ai, please don't scold me tmr cause I dunno why I can't online now.hoho)


Moreover,just to tell all of you. I like this song.

The Winner Takes It All - Mamma mia

The winner do takes everything.
Listen to the song if you are free.

I'm not moving forward. Is it more worse now?
I don't know. But I can't get back.
I don't mind you consider me as the culprit.
haha.I'm not thinking bout' anything.

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♥ Sunday, September 13, 2009
The resume.

It's not yet an end...

because two of my best friends were overnight in my house!
The shirt!

The next day, 12/9 !!

In the evening,as usual went to studio. "Mamma mia mama,mamma mia mama."

Around 8.30pm,the lights in studio suddenly closed. I thought are we going to practice with just some small light on,so high? Then my teacher came out from the kitchen with a cake on her hands. They we're singing Birthday song. ...... Thanks!This year you remember my birthday!

Full cast.

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Birthday. 12/9/09


Thanks God It's Friday night.

12/9 is my birthday.
I'd celebeate it on Friday night this year.
Thanks to everyone who came and sent me their wishes for me.
I felt so happy and touch. I laughed like an insane, I screamed like hell, I cried few times,I was angry about something, I was sorry for some people and I was so glad too.
I love all my best friends.
I love all my friends.
Love 3p7.
Love My family and my doggie.

I'd a great birthday this year. Thanks everything. Thanks god.

Every year I'm making the same wish. Every year I beg for it.
That's the only wish I want. If miracles do happened,can it happen for my only wish?
Can god hear what am I saying,begging and wishing?

Here are some of the pictures.

Buffalo Lee! Thanks.


I still rmb we were singing Irreplaceable at that moment.

I love both of you girls!

I love her forever.


Voon Wooi was so high.
Kent, Thanks.

He is my dad.

Teh Jun Yi, Muacks!

During school,Fei told me she is not coming but she CAME ! =D

Yo Jing!


Voon Wooi vs Them

My singing on that nite was totally out of tune and terrible.
I could hear lots of giggling and laughing. -.-
HAHA. So paiseh.

The party ends.

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